Welcome to the website of the Condover Benefice.The Benefice comprises of the parish churches in Condover, Pitchford, Frodesley and Acton Burnell along with the Mission church of St. Thomas Ryton. The calendar lists all the events and services in our churches and other pages give you more information about each church as well as the groups active within our churches and communities. As well as being welcome to our website, you will be made very welcome in all our churches and at all our events.   

                                                                                                               Geoff Garrett, Rector


    Sadly due to the restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus epidemic all of our churches remain closed. You can pick up the latest news from the Hereford Diocesan Website and the Church of England website



    Both websites issue regular updates

    In the meantime please keep safe and well.                                         


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    A group on facebook has been set up called 'Chase the Rainbow' to bring hope in a time of uncertainty. It is a private group, so you have to apply to join. This group is world wide. The idea of the group is to create Rainbows along with some encouraging words to display in our windows, for those to see while out walking, going to work or just to cheer the neighbours up over the road. It is a very scary time at the moment, so please follow the government’s guidelines, wash hands for 20 seconds, stay safe and above all be kind for to those who are working on the front line. They are risking their lives to make sure you have everything you need! ♥️🌈

    The following pictures were taken in and around Condover of Rainbows created by the children of the village and this montage was put together by David Woodward. Thank you David and thank you to all of the wonderful artists.